Well Maintained

As part of Hallmark’s overall QHSE goals, we are committed to exceeding the requirements of federal, provincial, and municipal legislation regarding environmental regulations. 

In our everyday operations, our environmental policies include:

  • Reducing, reusing, and recovering waste
  • Using safe products that prevent the release of harmful contaminants into the environment
  • Training our employees in environmental policies that ensure government compliance 
  • Putting vehicles and equipment on rigorous preventative maintenance plans to ensure clean and efficient and operations
  • Using strategically-located facilities to reduce our emissions
  • Volunteering and donating to environmental causes

From Yard to Office

Within our facilities, our environmental practices cover both our indoor and outdoor spaces. We use:

  • Recycling and composting bins
  • Thread protector recycling
  • Onsite inspection to determine which products can be reused and/or recycled
  • Safe cleaning agents
  • Spill prevention policies and reporting
  • Motion-detecting lights and water-conservation appliances
  • Paperless methods of administration whenever possible

Hallmark is always looking for innovative ways to further protect the environment. We’ve made environmental stewardship a key part of our company culture because environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

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