Well Managed

From pipe to people, Hallmark employs an integrated logistical strategy that incorporates all aspects of the tubular supply chain. 

We’ll work with you from start to finish… and beyond. Your goals are our goals.

You Get

  • Comprehensive Inventory Management
  • Staging and Coordination of Pipe and Accessories
  • Efficient Logistics
  • Inspection Services
  • Bucking Accessory Installation Services
  • Thread Protector Recycling
  • Accessories Procurement, Storage, and Coordination

And Beyond

Our management team offers complete support along every stage of your project, with full transparency and efficiency. We’ll remove the burden of building, staffing, and investing in non-core areas.

You Get

  • Single-Service Supply Agreements
  • Performance-Managed Third Parties
  • Full-Time Technical and Commercial Support
  • Low-Risk Inventory Agreements
  • Adaptable Rig Return Process

Ask us about your options.

Our Integrated Service is situated on a comprehensive 47-acre facility in Nisku, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton, and includes:

  • A 30,000 sq ft Warehouse
  • Onsite Coupling Manufacturing

Hallmark Integrated

Building #1, 1201 – 10th Street
Nisku, Alberta 
Phone: 780-955-7955

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