Well Serviced

Hallmark is one of Canada’s largest field service groups for the oil and gas industry. We provide innovative service solutions and exceptional quality control for OCTG projects of any size.

Why Hallmark? We’re much more than just a distributor.

You Get

  • Rig Ready Preparation
  • Premium Connection Inspection
  • Installation Equipment (tongs, CRT’s, lifting gear, etc)
  • Casing Running Tools
  • Computer Torque Monitoring
  • Thread Supervision
  • Mobile Bucking Services
  • Tubular Rentals and Work Strings
  • Cleaning and Preparation
  • Full Traceability of oil country tubular goods

And Beyond

We guarantee skilled and committed manpower on the ground to handle casing pipe and tubing installation anywhere in Canada, on- or off-shore. 

You Get

  • Full qualifications by multiple manufacturers for proprietary connections
  • Running procedures that go well beyond minimum API and industry requirements
  • Proven expertise in overseeing product performance, quality control, and traceability
  • Multiple locations to service your projects
  • Dedicated 24/7 service

Any Questions?

24/7 Technical Support: 780-955-7955

Hallmark Technical has locations in Nisku, Bonnyville, Vermillion, and Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Nisku, Alberta: 780-955-7955
Bonnyville, Alberta: 780-826-2619
Vermillion, Alberta: 780-853-0374
Grande Prairie, Alberta: 780-532-0682


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